We chose part of one of the most charming seafront dunes of the Canoa Quebrada region and we used one hundred coconut trees to delimitate it. Contact with nature and total tranquility are the feelings our visitors most cherish.
The wind keps blowing from the east and it is impossible not to grant yourself some time to "reorganize your ideas".We supply an alternative bead & breakfast hospitality on our arab-mediterranean inspired cottages constantly used as a home for the inumerous globe trotters always looking for the right place to stay.Our jeep from the 70's, a classic, will take us on emotion trips around dunes and beaches.
Internet, books, snorkelling equipment, fishing rows, surf and sand boards, are constantly available for our gests.We also organize tematic international dinners: a fireplace under the stars, a guitar and some caipirinhas is often chosen as the simpliest way to end the evening... all together and at the same time all independent, depending on your will.